Web Application Development

Key Ingredients for Success

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We all experience the ups and downs of technology moving so rapidly. How do we keep up and make it work for us? It is clear that we need information at our finger-tips to stay on top of today's pace of doing business. For this reason, database-driven websites (web-based database applications aka Web Apps) have become the medium of doing business for the next century.

Web Apps make information accessible without having to be chained to a desk. Your employees can work any time, any where. Your customers can shop, order online, browse catalogs, perform research and receive personalized information at their convenience. This recipe of features and benefits are the key ingredients for your organization's success.

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Empower Your People

Frustrated about not being able to access information instantly to get your job done? Accessibility of information and tools utilizing state of the art web technologies enable your people to do the best job they possibly can. That is the power of having a custom web app developed specifically for your company. More productive people are happier people. A measurable return on investment to say the least.

Microsoft .NET

How about a little tech talk in between! The platform we use to develop your Web App is the Microsoft .NET Framework. This is a platform for building, deploying, and running Web Services and applications. It is a software component that is a part of several Microsoft Windows operating systems. The .NET Framework consists of 3 main parts: the common language runtime, a hierarchical set of unified class libraries, and a componentized version of Active Server Pages called ASP.NET.

How We Can Help

We make the best web apps on the planet!

We have been around the block, developing web applications since the inception of the internet. That sure is a long time! Nevertheless, we are young at heart and love to work with leading web development designs and technologies. We empower our team to excel in areas such as custom web-based enterprise solutions, e-commerce and web portals, client/server business productivity, and workflow applications.

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Web Apps Development Process

define web app goals + purpose

site map, wireframe, page content design

implement the application
write the code


consider using CMS

develop layout design UI


3rd party components integration

define database requirements

define database architecture

test, debug, fine tune & final modifications

web app launch

Web Development Technologies

  • »Visual Studio
  • »VB.NET (Visual Basic.NET)
  • »C# (C-Sharp)
  • »ASP.NET (Active Server Pages.NET)
  • »MVC
  • »nopCommerce
  • »Ajax
  • »JavaScript/jQuery
  • » Silverlight
  • »Bootstrap
  • »Microsoft SQL Server
  • »Microsoft SQL Reporting
  • »Reporting using Excel
  • »User Interface Design
  • »Contextual Design